Range Rover Sport: Adaptive and Smart SUV

The Range Rover Sport SUV is equipped with several standard technologies that boost performance in hazardous driving conditions. The Electronic Traction Control adjusts the spin in each wheel by applying the optimum braking force. Engineered to prevent rollovers, the Roll Stability Control is particularly useful on steep landscapes. On a rainy day, the Emergency Brake Assist helps you bring the vehicle to a stop.

Do you want to explore rugged regions in Southampton? The Range Rover Sport has numerous mechanical features that are tuned for natural challenges. Land Rover Southampton will talk about the All Terrain Progress Control, which is optimized for slow cruising on low-traction surfaces. If the wheels seem stuck in mud, grass or snow, let the Low Traction Launch get them out of trouble. This luxury Range Rover SUV also boasts the Configurable Dynamics on the Touch Pro infotainment monitor. You can select custom settings for the gear ratio, steering angle, suspension stiffness and more.



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