Great Tech Features On the Range Rover Evoque

When you see the Range Rover Evoque, you will see that an SUV can be a luxury vehicle. The Range Rover Evoque combines the best parts of an SUV such as safety and roominess with the luxury features that you would expect from a European luxury sedan. The Range Rover Evoque also has many technology features that you will enjoy.

When you're out driving on the highways, you probably like to listen to music. The Range Rover Evoque gives you a Meridian Surround Sound System that provides clear sound throughout the vehicle. The system has a total of 16 speakers along with two sub-woofers so you get good bass sounds too.

The Range Rover Evoque has the Touch Pro feature. Touch Pro gives you a 10.2-inch screen to control the functions of the vehicle. The Touch Pro system operates just like the screen on your smartphone. You can also use voice commands with the system.



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