How to Prevent Rodent Damage

You don't have to live in the woods to incur rodent damage. Under cover of night, curious four-legged creatures might be tempted by your car's warm engine compartment or the leftover scent of food lingering in your car's interior. That's all the invitation they need to try making your car their home, and remaining proactive is the best way to dissuade rodent attention.

Avoid parking in outdoor areas with a lot of underbrush or in a garage with boxes that rodents can use for hiding places. Any opening in your car is fair game, so cover them with metal mesh to keep the critters out. Exposed wiring is easy for them to chew, so cover that with duct tape embedded with foul-tasting compounds.

Visit us at Land Rover Southampton to repair any rodent damage or for useful tips on how to keep them away from your vehicle. Repairs for any damage you may have might be covered under your comprehensive insurance policy.



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