What is the Purpose of an Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror?

When cars were first invented and began traveling the dirt roads of this world, there was no need for a rear-view mirror. After all, who would be following you? What you had to look out for was what was in front. It did not take long, however, for government regulators to recognize the necessity of a rear-view mirror. When the first regulations regarding automobiles came out, rear-view mirrors were required.

The original mirrors could not tip. The light that came at you from behind while driving around town often brought a moment of blindness. Then, the tip mechanism was introduced with some results. The newer auto-dimming rear-view mirror lets you drive without having to tip the mirror. To install a new auto-dimming rear-view mirror, come to Land Rover Southampton. The process of replacing a manual with an auto-dimming mirror is exacting and should never be attempted at home.



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