How to Freshen the Air in Your Car

At Land Rover Southampton, we know the importance of maintaining a clean car. Sometimes, a clean car will have a bad odor. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to eliminate bad odors.

Car fresheners smell great when you are running your daily errands. However, the scent can mask odors. Remove all food and clean the surfaces. Always use products that are specifically designed for cars and trucks. If the vehicle still has an odor after cleaning and deodorizing, pour baking soda on the carpet and floor mats. Baking soda should only be sprinkled on dry floors. An open bag of coffee beans will freshen the car when the floors are wet.

If standard cleaning methods do not eliminate the odors, the vehicle might have a mechanical problem. A fishy odor may indicate antifreeze dripping into the heating system. The odor might seep through the vents when you adjust the heating controls.



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