Road Trip Games for Your Summer Family Travel

Are you ready for a road trip? Try some of our games to keep everyone entertained on the road. Keep some noise going in the car by singing one song lyric at a time. Everyone connects their lyric to another to make a new song. When you travel on the roads, look for something that reminds you of a song for inspiration.

A fun game that can take a few wild twists involves making a statement about something that you're fortunate about. Another person turns that statement into an unfortunate incident. The story continues until you reach the end. You could start the game when you visit Land Rover Southampton to have someone check your tires and fluids before you get on the road.

If you're traveling for several days and to a variety of areas, then make a game of collecting items from as many countries or regions as possible. The person who collects the most items by the end of the trip wins the game. Make sure that each item is from a different region so that they count.



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