Automotive Knowledge 101: Brake Pads Explained

One of our goals at Land Rover Southampton is to help our customers keep their vehicles well-maintained. Your vehicle's brake pads are a vital component and should be replaced regularly.

Brake pads work to lessen friction between the brake caliper and rotor. When you engage the brake pedal, the brake caliper will squeeze the rotor, and the brake pads serve as a buffer. While brake pads are durable, the massive amount of friction they go through means they need to be replaced about every 50,000 miles. However, if you press the brake pedal and it vibrates, then you may need to have your brake pads inspected. Other warning signs of worn brake pads are squealing or clicking sounds when you press the brake pedal.

When you're having your brake pads replaced, be sure to check that factory style shims are included and that they were manufactured under the FMSI brake standard. It is also suggested to get brand name brake pads because they tend to last longer.



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