An Efficient and Simple Way to Clean Your Vehicle's Engine

Although keeping the outside of your vehicle clean makes it look nice, it is also important that you keep the components under the hood clean, which include the engine. Here at Land Rover Southampton, we keep our Southampton, NY customers informed about ways to help their vehicles stay in good condition.

The ideal time to clean the engine is when the weather is warm. If it's windy, it will help the engine and its components dry quickly. Never try to clean your vehicle's engine when it's hot because it can cause damage to the engine components and cause burns.

Start by removing the negative terminal from the battery. You should also remove the plastic covers from under the hood. Plastic bags can be used to cover electrical components. After you spray the engine compartment with a degreaser, you can scrub the caked-on dirt and oil with a synthetic scrub brush. After the engine has been rinsed, compressed air or a towel can be used to dry the engine.

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